babita kapoor is a certified yoga teacher since 2008. she has been practicing yoga since childhood. she has studied yoga both in india (the home of yoga) and in the united home of yoga) and in the united states. babita is dedicated to a lifestyle of yoga and inspires you in her classes to be a healthier, calmer and happier person. her style of teaching incorporates an inner awareness, which promotes a sense of peace and inner stillness throughout the practice. following in the traditional and spiritual aspects of yoga, babita’s entire class feels like a meditation in motion. she teaches pranayama (breathing), mantra chanting in sanskrit (sound formulas for well-being) and philosophy in her classes because she believes they are essential to yoga. in addition to hatha yoga, babita is also teaching yoga nidra, an ancient yogic practice for deep relaxation.

asana practice sparked the quest for the truth which included studying different philosophies and scriptures - all of which have infused a loving desire and commitment to spreading the sense of well-being experienced in yoga. babita strongly believes that meditation is a key aspect of yoga and she incorporates it at a basic level in her classes with the hope that this seed will blossom one day resulting in elevating the practitioner’s consciousness. yoga is a life long inward journey which brightens the path with its radiance along the way. improved health, sense of calm, equanimity in every situation, freedom from desires, love for truth, sense of kinship with other living beings are the changes that happen along the way as we continue on. it is this joy and sense of nurturing of the self and the planet that babita hopes to spread through her yoga practice.

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