yoga philosophy

yoga is the path to an all round evolution of body, mind and eventually the soul. as you step on your mat you will be invited to listen to your body and observe the mind and eventually control it. you will then gradually move towards the peak of yoga which is meditation. the postures are nothing but a preparation for meditation. from here begins the inward journey to seek the light or bliss within. union with the self changes the way we look at life. we no longer see ourselves as separate from others. all living beings are our kith and kin. we see ourselves as one with the universe and we merge in the peace which is our native state.

we see ourselves as separate because we have forgotten our true nature and fallen into avidya (ignorance). we have lost the knowledge of this great truth because we have become attached to maya- the manifestation of the universal spirit, and have taken the manifestation for the ultimate reality. yoga is the process of realizing our true self process of realizing our true self (self-realization) as that universal spirit. yoga is both the method and the goal. according to yogic philosophy the mysteries of our body and mind, and those of nature can be understood by the process of turning inward. by turning inward we can go beyond the mind and connect to the spirit. through that connection the truth about our nature is revealed, ignorance falls away and we are established in our true state as spirit.

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