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babita combines the practice of postures or asanas with pranayama or breathing techniques and mindfulness to create a unique experience where you will be encouraged to make a mind body soul connection. this experience can also be referred to as a meditative yoga practice where the importance of mindfulness is emphasized. various pranayama or breath control exercises are taught in the beginning of the session with the intention of stressing correct breathing habits, strengthening the lungs and controlling vital energy and clearing any obstructions along the subtle channels to promote physical and mental well being. each yoga session ends with yoga nidra (deep relaxation techniques) or guided meditation leaving the students feeling relaxed and revitalized.

babita kapoor (ryt) has been practicing yoga since child hood and has been teaching both children and adults since 2008 when she received her teacher training certification from the yoga community of medford, nj. babita is a student of yogic philosophy and encourages her students to practice yoga as a means to gain access to their inner self – using postures, breath and mind as road maps on this journey to higher consciousness. born and raised in india the home of yoga she has a deep understanding of both yoga postures and philosophy which she shares with her students as she gently guides them from one posture to the next. appropriate for beginners to advanced students each class is designed with postures that create strength, flexibility and balance.

students are encouraged to share any medical challenges they are facing so the postures can be altered specifically to suit their needs. safety of each student is very important and babita encourages the use of props and modifications to enable each student to have a safe and rewarding yoga practice.

every student is unique and so are their reasons for practicing yoga. but each journey however unique it may be ends in the depths of peace and wholeness. contact babita at

you are welcome to come practice with babita at the following centers:

                                                     class schedules for 2014

fake amazon reviews funnyfake amazon reviews funny candle light yoga  -  mondays (7.15 pm - 8.15 pm) 
yoga nidra or deep relaxation  -  wednesdays (7.15 pm - 8.15 pm)  

woodcrest shopping center
intersection of rt 561 and 295
110 browning lane
cherry hill, nj 08003
phone: 856-433-8011

tree of life wellness center

yoga nidra or deep relaxation  -  tuesdays (7.00 pm - 8.15 pm) 
meditative yoga  -  wednesdays (9.00 am - 10.00 am)  
restorative yoga with crystal bowls  -  friday, october 3rd (6.00 pm - 7.00 pm) 

7 cooper avenue, suite a
ton, nj 08053
phone: 856-905-3540

pinelands branch library

yoga pretzels for kids  -  every other thursday (4.30 pm - 5.25 pm) 
hatha yoga  -  every other thursday (5.30 pm - 6.30 pm) 

39 allen ave
medford, nj 08055
phone: 609-654-6113

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soulful yoga  -  fridays (10.15 am - 11.30 am) 

kings grant fitness center
121 merchants way
marlton, nj 08053
phone: 856-988-1122


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